I’m moving + update

i'm moving illustration

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, this is due to several reasons. I’ve been really busy with uni at the moment, so I have to focus on that. And I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately.

I actually had my one year blog anniversary last month, I didn’t post anything special for it, but I did want to thank everyone who views, follows and comments on here! Thank you! I really appreciate it and it makes me very happy that you enjoy the blog, and I love reading all your nice comments! So thank you again!

Ok, so I’ve decided to change things up a bit. And have decided to move! What I will do is create a new blog where I will just show my op-shopped and vintage pieces! I have a more appropriate name for that blog, but the layout will be similar to this blog.

Since I started this blog it has developed into an op-shop and vintage themed blog. My initial intention was to create an art, design and op-shop blog. But I think that it’s a bit confusing for people, so I’m separating the two themes.

But don’t worry, I’m keeping Haus of Artistry alive! This blog will be dedicated to my art and design work, and things that inspire me that are arty. I might also change this blogs layout, so keep an eye out.

I think this shall be a good change, and it’s very exciting for me! And hope that this is exciting for you all as well!

I just wanted to update you all, and know that I haven’t left the blogging world! When I finish the new blog I will let you all know about it, and I’ll link you to it.

Thank you again! I will post in a few weeks time!


I’m still here


Hello everyone! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me as I have been held up by uni assignments, so I haven’t been posting as much as I would like.

So I thought I would let you know I shall be posting more stuff soon, so stay tuned!

This means more creativity and more op-shopping, which I’m excited about!

You matter!

Hello! I just watched an amazingly inspirational video by Angela Maiers, on the topic of making people feel they matter! The video is uplifting, and gives you the power to change a persons day. I know its not the sort of topic I talk about here, but it has to do a lot with blogging, op shopping and art: as we all want to be seen and to be heard, to matter. Say it to the people you love, your friends or colleagues. This can make a difference, can uplift them and give them the worth to achieve.

I just want to let everyone know YOU matter! And I love reading and looking at all your wonderful comments and/or blogs.

This video also inspired me to create this poster, hope it makes you feel that you do matter!

Hope you have a great day!