Learning to love mixed-media

portrait girl - Haus of Artistry


A long time ago, in high school, I didn’t really appreciate mixed media art. As many others, I too thought it was a lesser art practice, just something to create for a larger piece of art, or something left in your sketchbook. As artist’s, not to generalise, I think we are taught that each medium has a specific use, we can only use that one with itself; eg charcoal drawing on paper, or watercolour on paper, or acrylic on canvas. Non of these mediums are to be mixed.


Well that has all changed. It changed in the middle of 2013, it wasn’t the best year, when I found art journaling. How I found art journaling can be left for another post in the future. But it has so very much to do with art journaling, as it is how I ‘re-discovered’ mixed-media, and of course art play. Mixed media and art play go together hand in hand. As picking up a medium and asking yourself what it can be mixed with is inquisitive, and then of course mixing and interacting two or more mediums is play. It is the simplest way of creating art, stemmed from early childhood. Just like children play to learn, we can discover many ways to play with our own art supplies.


And this is one of the reasons I fell in love with mixed-media. It is playful, and also very freeing creatively, but also emotionally. I love playing around with different mediums to achieve amazing results. But I think what I love most too, is the emotional freedom that comes from playing and creating mixed-media works. There are no rules, you can do anything you want. The whole creative world is at your finger tips.

How do you feel about mixed-media?


*  I created this girl in my handmade art journal using black marker pen, white paint pen, and some water-soluble wax crayons, on a brown paper bag.


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I’m moving + update

i'm moving illustration

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, this is due to several reasons. I’ve been really busy with uni at the moment, so I have to focus on that. And I have been thinking a lot about my blog lately.

I actually had my one year blog anniversary last month, I didn’t post anything special for it, but I did want to thank everyone who views, follows and comments on here! Thank you! I really appreciate it and it makes me very happy that you enjoy the blog, and I love reading all your nice comments! So thank you again!

Ok, so I’ve decided to change things up a bit. And have decided to move! What I will do is create a new blog where I will just show my op-shopped and vintage pieces! I have a more appropriate name for that blog, but the layout will be similar to this blog.

Since I started this blog it has developed into an op-shop and vintage themed blog. My initial intention was to create an art, design and op-shop blog. But I think that it’s a bit confusing for people, so I’m separating the two themes.

But don’t worry, I’m keeping Haus of Artistry alive! This blog will be dedicated to my art and design work, and things that inspire me that are arty. I might also change this blogs layout, so keep an eye out.

I think this shall be a good change, and it’s very exciting for me! And hope that this is exciting for you all as well!

I just wanted to update you all, and know that I haven’t left the blogging world! When I finish the new blog I will let you all know about it, and I’ll link you to it.

Thank you again! I will post in a few weeks time!

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a nice halloween! I was stuck doing assignments…poo. Here in Australia halloween isn’t as celebrated as in other parts of the world, so it did’t feel much like halloween anyway.

I was supposed to post this on the day, but better late then never. I made this illustration a couple of months ago, but thought it would be perfect to post for halloween.

It was created in watercolour and ink and is entitled ‘Witchy Shoe’. I was inspired by 1920s illustration styles and 50s pin-up shoes.

Illustration-Lana sketch

Some weeks ago I created a sketch inspired by Lana Del Rey and her song ‘Put me in a movie’. I created it in pen, and decided to create a digital version as well, with a different twist. I really like the Lana Del Rey character, she’s quite eternal and her look is a return to the 60s and 70s. Her look is really inspiring to illustrate, as well as her music which has a dark romantic feeling to it.

Illustration-1920s reclining lady

 I finally finished the 1920s illustration, it was a fairly quick illustration but took my time putting the last touches on it. I was really inspired by the 1920s, and the fashionably seductive ladies of the time. I really love that period of design and fashion, it was alive, luxurious and buzzing with culture and art!

Oh and I watched Midnight in Paris for the first time last night. I think I have fallen in love with the 1920s all over again. I loved the costumes and the whole romance with the past. I wish I could go back in time and visit Paris in the 1920s, I think I might never leave!

Adriana xo